Artist Profiles: Mina Salama

Mina 1

Mina Salama (Egypt)

Immersed in Coptic, Arabic and European music, and with a blossoming international career as a soloist playing oud (Arabic lute) & ney (Arabic flute) with the Alexandria Opera House Orchestra, Mina improbably found himself seeking asylum in the UK in 2012, and eventually settled in Doncaster. He is now emerging as a talented and in-demand musician on the UK world music scene and can be heard performing & recording with MIRO Manchester International Roots Orchestra, Rafiki Jazz and with Ethiopian singer Haymanot Tesfa. Mina is also a member of Oxford Maqam, an Arabic music ensemble.


Mina in front of a packed crowd for Performance MIgrations at The Millenium Gallery, Sheffield

See Mina below accompanying Haymanot Tesfa in the music video for their version of ‘Ambassel’:




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