Artist Profiles: Haymanot Tesfa


Haymanot is originally from Ethiopia, where she studied Fine Art at Addis Ababa University. For the last twelve years, she has been living and performing in the UK and she is currently based in London. Incorporating Christian Orthodox hymns and traditional Ethiopian scales, Haymanot’s performances combine virtuoso vocal control and experimentation, tradition and originality. Her voice dances around the instrumental arrangements, sometimes humming below, other times reaching far above. The effect is a meditative, entrancing listening experiene.

Haymanot plays krar, an Ethiopian lyre (see below), and has collaborated with some of the most talented musicians on the world music scene, not least fellow Arts on the Run associate-artist Mina Salama.

Haymanot on-stage at Performance Migrations in 2017 with her two krar

Haymanot on-stage at Performance Migrations in 2017 with her two krar

Alongside Iranian percussionist Arian Sadr, Haymanot and Mina recently produced a unique adaptation of TezetaI, an iconic traditional Ethiopian song. Hear Tezetal at the link below:

To see Haymanot, Mina and Arian in action, follow this link to a music video created by Angolan filmmaker João Paulo Simões. ‘Ambassel’ is another classic of Ethiopian traditional music, sung in the Amharic language, Haymanot’s mother tongue:

Besides her musical work, Haymanot is a highly skilled illustrator and visual artist, working in acrylics, pastels, oils and photography. Below is a small sample of her work, but you can find more at Haymanot’s website:




Self Portrait, oils


‘Wave’, acrylics

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