Joao, Mina, Aysegul Multimedia live art performance

Premier Performance of Journey of Unbelonging

Joao, Mina, Aysegul Multimedia live art performance

Joao, Mina, Aysegul Multimedia live art performance

Our members multi media art premier performance at Curve theatre was such a success with 100 audiences .  They will be making new connections to take this unique  multi media, live music, dance, projection and painting performance to new places in UK.

Journey of UnBelonging is exploring the individual journey’s of  unbelonging period of refugees and immigrants by using dance movements directly influenced with music and 2 x 2.5 m by 2.5 m abstract paintings as a map of this journey. The whole performance is captured through the creative third eye (camera) of Joao whils Mina’s music is pin pointing the emotional stepping stones of his journey of being a refugee in the stages of “exile, acceptance and empowerment”. Aysegul has a role as the curator , dancer and painter .

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About Aysegul Balkose Thornett

Aysegul is an action painter, performance, visual artist and photographer. She was born in 1979 in Turkey. She moved to Sheffield, UK in 2008. Her former education is in chemical engineering. She finished her masters degree in 2005. During working various textile companies in Istanbul, she started to notice her desire of experimenting ideas through art. She started painting on found cardboard with various paints (using makeup she owned, pastel paints, oil paints and acrylic paints) and started writing screenplays. She had one short and full length movies shot during this period. After she moved to Sheffield, in 2008, she trained to become a circus performer. She has never dropped her brush and experimental approach to painting. Although, she had former education on English, her vocabulary was so limited to express herself and be part of daily dialogues. During this time her interest in cultural differences and the importance of communication fused up and in short time she has been investigating non-verbal dialogues as a concept. Since the end of 2012, she has been action painting, using her feet as brush, directed by her mindful dance movements (combination of belly dance, contemporary dance, basic acrobatic movements and tai chi). She creates the space for triangular non-verbal dialogue between musician-herself-film maker. Whilst she is "dancing" and painting with live improvised music, film maker is live filming , creating moving images, " recording and projecting" as a subjective interpreter of the polylogue (new words and meaning are simultaneously created during the dialogue). She works on project based with different artist from different art forms to create a new way of expressing ideas and concepts through interconnective honest exchange. "What matters is honesty..." Currently she is working as a photographer and performance-visual artist/painter on commissioned/funded projects.


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