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Arts on the Run

We constituted as a new Yorkshire and Humberside Network for Arts and Refugees in 2009, as a regional response to a 3 year national research-based consultation which highlighted the urgent need for cohesive support, development and signposting into our creative industries, for artists with backgrounds of involuntary or voluntary migration into the UK.

Migrating Creativity!

As a network of artists of all kinds, we believe in the quality, strength and resonance of creativity that comes from displacement and social differences, and that cultural diversity in the arts propels, refreshes and sustains the creative process.


In our creative sector reaches far across our communities, and has unique powers to refresh, innovate, engage and educate, bringing us all closer to a more profound dialogue with our contemporary society, our public and our audiences.

Our Network Members

Live and work across the far corners of Yorkshire and Humberside, and are a growing family of talented and ambitious fine-artists, filmmakers and photographers, musicians, poets and writers, digital and performance artists, animators and designers. We also welcome and appreciate the great support of our members from established arts, academic and cultural organisations, and from the region’s refugee and asylum seeker support agencies and vital campaign groups.


At a strategic and national level, we are also pleased to be one of the regional hubs of Platforma: the National Network for Arts and Refugees which is fast becoming the powerhouse for contemporary arts driven by the migration narrative. We also acknowledge periodic project support from

Big Lottery Awards for All

A programme which enables us to grow the influence and scope of the Network.

What can membership of Arts on the Run bring you?

For artists it helps you connect to each other, and to a growing and supportive community of creative people. It also opens a door to creative collaborations, and career development advice and opportunities both locally and nationally. For our supporters and members from other organisations, institutions and groups, membership puts you in touch with quality, diversity and innovation across the creative sector, and enables co-production, partnerships and collaborative ventures to flourish.

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